Deric M.

"Simply put, Fisher is the best dog I have ever had. When it comes to learning, he is a sponge and very receptive. Retrieved his first duck at 9 months, flushes pheasants, wades along side me when I'm fishing. The perfect outdoor dog and best friend. I have never seen one speck of aggression, either toward people or other dogs. He has always been super friendly and a great family dog...great with small kids and a big red snuggle monster. He would curl up in my lap for hours if I let him. I cannot imagine life without him. Scott and Mountain View Labs does it right."

Dave S.

"We were incredibly blessed to have two pups from the same litter (female chocolate and male yellow) find their way into our lives around Christmas 2012. Scott was fantastic about visiting the weeks prior to them coming home so we could bond, calling them by their names and getting them familiar with the basics to become strong hunting and home companions. After raising 4 generations of labs here in Loveland, I can already tell we have two winners in Ranger and Daisy. Mountain View is the kind of low volume, high-quality breeder that prides themselves on great service with integrity for both pup and owners. Thanks for introducing us to our new best friends!"  Kindest, Dave Smith


"I've only known Scott at Mountain View Labs for a short time, but that's all you need to realize what a fox red lover he is, and what a wealth of knowledge he has as a breeder. I feel that he tries to help anyone with a question or problem they might have about their new pup, and wants the best for them. Hunter is now a little over a year old and is an outstanding family dog as well as a great hunting dog. Comes from good Clean Breeding and Great Socializing the pups at a Young age. Thank you Scott for an amazing dog." ~ CHAD


What can I say about Mountain View Labs and Scott. Scott is a quality Breeder not a quantity breeder! I live in Alaska and wasn't able to go down and pick my pup so I told Scott what I was looking for in a lab and he delivered 100%! Ranger is a sponge when it comes to training, be it house breaking or retriever training. Every transaction I had with Mountain View Labs was flawless from Scott selecting my dog to the payments to the flight to get him to Alaska. Scott even let me know when he was dropped off for the flight. If you are looking for a quality lab then I wouldn't recommend anyone but Scott and Mountain View Labs! We are looking forward to many years with this top quality Labrador! Thanks again Mountain View Labs.

Happy hunting Russ


"Scott and his business of Mountain View Kennels is A-Number One. Without reiterating others’ testimonials, which are all spot on BTW, Scott has a talent for producing exceptional Labrador pups. The expansive kennel grounds are immaculate. You would not feel uncomfortable, anywhere on the premises, throwing down a picnic blanket and eating lunch, but expect to have company of the best kind! I feel one of the major keys to Scott’s success is his socializing program with his pups. They have all been for a ride in the car and have been introduced to the water and I know that is just the tip of the iceberg in Scott’s program. We trained our pup, Wilson, as a Service Dog. He passed his Public Access Test in just 7-weeks…the Instructor predicted 4-months at the training onset. We are inseparable and go everywhere together with 100% confidence. Take off the vest and Wilson switches gears to be the epitome best of the Labrador breed. Bottom line, Scott lives and breathes Fox Red Labradors. Scott, I cannot thank you enough!"
~ Tom

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