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Guarantees and General Purchase Information
Mountain View Labradors

Breed:  Labrador retriever                                                     Sex:   Male / Female      
Sire:                                                                                            AKC Reg. #                                         
Dam:                                                                                           AKC Reg. #                                         
Puppy’s Birth Date:                                                                        
On                                           , the above described puppy has been sold for the sum of $                       , This sum represents payment in full.  The new owners are in agreement with the terms of sale as they are hereby provided in the following contract.
Buyer Info:
City / State / Zip:                                                                                                                                              
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At Mountain View Labradors, many of our puppies will develop into dogs that are suitable for one or more of the following purposes:  showing, hunting or Family Pet.  It should be understood, however that there is no guarantee at time of sale regarding the future showing, hunting or Family Pet of the animal.  What is guaranteed is a good companion animal and family pet.  This guarantee further implies that the puppy appears to be in good health at the time of the sale as is outlined in the following statement.  All puppies are sold with Limited Registration unless other arrangements are made at time of sale. 
This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health, to the best of my knowledge at the time of this sale.  Additionally this puppy has had its initial inoculations against distemper, hepatitis, para/parvo virus, and corona virus.  Furthermore, this puppy has been wormed at least one time and is accompanied by a complete health record documenting al vaccinations, worming and any other veterinary care it may have received.  From the date of the puppy’s purchase, the buyer has three days in which to take the dog to a licensed veterinarian for a full checkup.  It is strongly urged by us that all purchasers do so in order to avoid nullification of this agreement.
If at the time of the initial vet check, the puppy is determined to be ill from symptoms that are the result of a hereditary condition; the new owner is to return the puppy along with its puppy pack and other accompanying information.  At this point, Mountain View Labradors will replace the puppy in question with another puppy of similar bloodlines and/or the same color and gender of the buyer’s option.  Should there be no puppies available that would be suitable replacement puppy Mountain View Labradors will refund the purchase price of the puppy in full.  Refund and/or exchange is contingent upon the new owner(s) providing a letter of verification from the examining veterinarian.  This exchange or notification of the new owner’s intent to exchange must be made within the three-day period that has been mentioned above.  Initial contact by phone is permissible, but a written statement must be provided in order for the refund or exchange to be made.  This written statement is from the new owners, is required in addition to the veterinary documentation, and needs only to simply state the new owner’s intention of invoking their guarantee as is provided for in this contract.  
Furthermore, it is noted that Mountain View Labradors assumes no responsibility for this dog once it has left the premises.  This includes veterinary medical expense, mortality, landlord’s disapproval, allergic reaction to puppy, family disagreement, behavioral / training difficulties, mistreatment of dog, accidental poisoning or trauma or any other reason not specifically stated above.  If for some reason one of these problems should arise and you find yourself wanting to place you dog in a new home, we ask that you first contact us.  In some instances, we may be able to help.  Our main concern here however is that none of our dogs under any circumstances wind up in a dog pound or other type of animal shelter.  There are always other options and we would be more than happy to help.
Your new puppy is also guaranteed until it reaches one year of age against any severe and / or life threatening conditions including but not limited to congenital heart, liver, kidney, thyroid defects, seizure disorders, and / or ocular defects resulting in blindness.  Should any problem(s) such as those mentioned above arise, that are clearly hereditary in nature, the owner is to contact Mountain View Labradors at his / her earliest convenience.  In addition to the written statement of intent to invoke the terms of the guarantee, the owner should provide documentation and any or all x-rays or other material from their veterinarian to Mountain View Labradors who will seek a confirming diagnosis, at the expense of Mountain View Labradors, from a veterinarian of our choice upon receiving the documentation and the dog.  Should the condition prove to be hereditary in nature and have a serious adverse effect on the dog’s quality of life, an exchange will be made for a puppy, chosen by the breeder and agreed upon by the new owner, of equal value to the dog in question.  This exchange is contingent on either veterinary verification of the dog’s euthanasia (for purposes of minimization of pain and suffering) or in non-life threatening cases a spray / neuter verification from your verification from your veterinarian.
Additionally, your new puppy is guaranteed until it reaches 25 months of age against severe crippling hip dysplasia.  In an instance where severe crippling hip dysplasia is diagnosed a replacement puppy will be provided so long as the new owners take the steps set forth below in this contract.  First of all the owners must notify Mountain View Labradors of the diagnosis once it is known.  This can be done initially by phone, but must eventually be supported by a written statement making known the owner’s intention to invoke the guarantee.  The owner must then provide x-rays o submission to OFA (the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) or a veterinarian of the breeder’s choosing and expense.  If the diagnosis of server crippling hip dysplasia (dysplasia so extreme that it prevents the dog from being a functional family companion and that surgery or euthanasia is indicated) is confirmed a replacement puppy of equal value, of the breeder’s and new owner’s choosing, will be provided.  This replacement is contingent on the owners providing a written statement from their veterinarian that the dog is not and has never been more than 10 pounds overweight for its bone structure and that no evidence exists that the puppy was overstressed or over exercised during this important developmental period of its life.  Furthermore, the veterinarian must indicate there have been no signs of abuse, neglect or past injuries that could be the cause of such dysplasia.  In cases of where the exchanges pertinent and the owners of the dog to be replaced have chosen surgery rather than euthanasia, they must also provide written documentation that the dog in question has been spayed or neutered.  It is agreed and understood and in all instances outlined above, the only applicable refund is a replacement puppy.  In no cases will there be a monetary refund.  It is further understood that Mountain View Labradors accepts no responsibility for Osteochondritis Dessians (OCD), as Mountain View Labradors knows the parentage of its puppies to be free of OCD.  For more information on OCD as well Panosteitis (a common cause of temporary lameness in young dogs), see the statement pertaining to them following the contract.
We refuse to sell one of the puppies to any home where the dog will be chained or tied.  If the dog must be kept outside unattended for parts of the day an outside kennel.  Finally, we reserve the right to take back any dog if we find out the dog is being chained or tied around its neck on a regular basis, or being subjected to any other types of abuse or neglect. You must pick up and pay in Full your puppy at the agreed time of delivery. You will be charged a $20 per day for boarding charge if dog is taken care of at Mountain View Kennels after the delivery day unless otherwise agreed.  It is agreed and understood that no warranty or representation has been made with respect to the sold dog, except that which has been set forth in the above written agreement.  This agreement is valid only for the original owner and is non-transferable.  I/We, the purchaser(s) have read, understand and agree to the terms of this contract.
Signature of Purchaser(s):                                                                                         Date:                                
Signature of Seller:                                                                                                      Date:                               


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